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Organization overview

  • English Name NGO Accept International
    Address 1-11-5 Nihonbasiyosiizumi Bld.301, Nihombashihoridomecho,
    Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 103-0012
    Phone number +81 (03) 4500 8161
    Date of establishment April 2017
    (Former Association,
    Japan Somali Youth Organization 
    established in September 2011)
    Representative Director Yosuke Nagai
    Board of Directors
    Executive directorYosuke Nagai
    NGO Accept International
    DirectorsSaki Kuroda
    Nippon Trade Insurance Co., Ltd.
      Kohei Kametaka
    Career consultant
      Yuji Shinohara
    Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
    AuditorKuniyoshi Tairiku (Certified Accountant, CPA)
    Accounting Cooperation Tax accountant Corporation Tax Is
    AdvisorKenichiro SASAE
    President of the Japan Institute of International Affairs,
    Ex-Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs,
    and Ex-Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of
    Japan to the United States of America

    Mihoko Kashiwakura
    Head of Japan, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Official notation in accordance with the Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Organization Specified Nonprofit Organization Accept International
Administrator Yosuke Nagai
Location 〒103-0012
1-11-5 Nihonbasiyosiizumi Bld.301, Nihombashihoridomecho,
Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
Phone number +81 (03) 4500 8161
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【Accept Ambassador】
As an ambassador to Accept International, you will be able to make a commitment to support our organisation continuously.

【One-time Donation】
You will be able to donate once to support our activities. There is no minimum requirement. You can also specify the means of usage.

Time Required for Completion of Reception You will be notified within 2 working days through an email confirming reception of your payment as well as our expression of gratitude for your support.
Payment Method Credit Card Settlement, Wire Transfer Through Web or Bank
Refund Please note that in principle, due to the nature of donations we cannot make refunds.
Cancellation In order to cancel your continuing monthly donation, please contact info@accept-int.org or call at +81(0)3-4500-8161
Trade Name Specified Nonprofit Organization Accept International
E-mail address info@accept-int.org
Website https://www.accept-int.org/

Your power is needed for stopping terrorism
and terminating a conflict.