As many as 150,000 lives
are lost from armed conflicts
every year.

The issues regarding violent extremism and armed conflicts triggers refugee crises, unprecedented levels of hunger, and human rights violations. Humanity will not see lasting peace unless such issues are tackled.

We are a unique organization that engages in countering violent extremism and conflict resolution with a principle that “Accept” individuals, rejecting approaches to “Exclude” them.

Air strikes do not work. Radicalization prevention and deradicalization
is what we need.

Military actions such as air strikes do not necessarily resolve conflicts, at times even aggravating the situation. Moreover, communication among actors is deemed as a key factor to resolve conflict. However, this has also been infeasible towards violent extremist organizations.

We take action to break this unending cycle of conflict, by implementing operations that prevent radicalization, deradicalize those affected, and support their reintegration. We make it our mission to not only break the cycle, but also to form a new cycle of “Acceptance” that tackles issues on conflict and violent extremism.

We need your support to see a world without terrorism
and armed conflicts.

By implementing an innovating approach, we are determined to tackle the issues of conflict and violent extremism.
In order to carry it out, your kind support is absolutely in necessity.
We are highly thankful for your donation.