240,000 lives are lost due to terrorism
and armed conflicts.

Terrorism and armed conflicts are debilitating issues, such as situations involving refugees, famine, and human rights violations against women and children, where chains of violence exist.

We are determined to “ACCEPT”, in order to break the chains and lead agents of peace in the world.

Breaking the chains of violence and increasing agents of peace.

We believe everyone including youth associated with non-state armed groups, possess limitless potential. Breaking the chains of violence that have existed for centuries requires empowering all to make agents of peace, especially in armed conflict situations.

For this reason, we are creating a chance of desistance and reintegration into the society as an agent of peace. This is our approach towards ending terrorism and armed conflicts.

Positive cycles towards peace are attainable with your contribution.

The most difficult, unprecedented issues can be solved. We believe we can forge new ways of conflict resolution and sustaining peace from Japan. Empowering everyone as agents of peace, together we will break the chains of violence― we would appreciate you joining in our journey.