Every year,
as many as 150,000 lives are lost
from armed conflicts.

Terrorism and armed conflicts force millions of people to flee, and cause unprecedented levels of hunger as well as human right violations. Unless we eradicate terrorism and armed conflicts there will not be world peace.

Accept International is unique in its approach towards terrorism and conflicts based on the principle of "acceptance" rather than "exclusion".

First and foremost: preventing radicalisation.
If and when radicalised,
deradicalise them.

Even though “dialogue” is the key to conflict resolution, in reality, this hasn’t yet been achieved. Armed settlements such as air strikes do not essentially resolve conflicts. In fact, they can provoke further violence.

Breaking this vicious cycle is fundamental. We therefore work to prevent radicalisation and deradicalise those affected and help their social reintegration. We make it our mission not only to break the cycles of hatred but also to form a new cycle of acceptance that support conflict resolution, disarmament and eradicate terrorism.

Your support is needed to achieve a world without terrorism
and armed conflicts.

We are determined to pioneer models from Japan. Any form of your support would be much appreciated.

Our Partners

Accept International would like to thank the following organisations for their partnership and support.

  • UNハビタット
  • ソマリア政府
  • マンデラ政府
  • FCDC
  • LKLK
  • タワカル
  • LUSH
  • 西真岡アクセプトインターナショナルクリニック
  • 大阪コミュニティ
  • 庭野平和財団
  • 草の根市民基金ぐらん