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not “Exclude”

We work under this principle to tackle violent extremism and armed conflicts.

Up until today, the world has faced countless issues regarding terrorism and armed conflicts, resulting in an unimaginable volume of casualties and refugees. To tackle such crises, military actions have been applied. However, the situation has not seen any sign of improvement. To make matters worse, since 2011, the world has faced an unparalleled scale of terrorist threats and violent conflicts.

The map below shows the number of terrorist attacks worldwide, counted from January 1st, 2016 to February 8th, 2019.

Source:Esri Story Maps team and PeaceTech Lab(2019)

In the face of such a reality, we strongly believe in the need to ‘Accept’ former violent extremists. This concept is merely an idea based on philanthropism. When analyzing the structural issues in conflicts and violent extremism, as well as the history of hatred between humanities, we find that the action to “Accept” individuals is necessary. As practitioners in the field of countering violent extremism and conflict resolution, we need to apply a peaceful approach rather than one of brutal force.

A pigeon released from the fingertip of a person, is entangling a gun with ivy. This logo, in blue and green, serves as a message to ‘eradicate violence through an humanitarian approach’. The variety of colors used in the leaves of ivy symbolizes ‘diversity’. Furthermore, in terms of numerology, 10, the number of leaves on the ivy, represents ‘tolerance and reconstruction’.

Our work is solely based on the people’s demands

We focus on issues that have been overlooked internationally, despite the significant demands from the people suffering from it. Much to the concerted effort of international society, aid and compassion have been seen against the socially vulnerable, such as children, women, and refugees. However, it is the people who get shut out from such trends that cause terrorist actions.

When tackling issues, our organization does not operate under the basis of empathy, but rather under objective reasoning. Therefore, it is the problems that are of urgent concern, however rarely looked upon, that we should and must commit to. This is why we work in areas of unending conflicts, such as Somalia, and against those who have been isolated from communities, for instance, ex-combatants of extremist groups and gang members.

Despite the high demands, the issues regarding counterterrorism and conflict resolution are scarcely addressed, since actors tackling them face various restrictions. Factors such as high risk, lack of effective solutions, and the deficiency of social support, significantly account for the difficulty to tackle the issues. Facing such major setbacks, Accept International will never give up. We are determined to establish a precedent for the solution to violent extremism and conflicts.

Your power is needed for eradicating terrorism
and terminating conflicts.