What We Do

Leaving no one behind even in Japan

In Japanese society, numerous individuals such as juvenile delinquents and foreign residents in Japan are leaking out from the regional community, supporting systems, and the social safety net. Accept International aims to establish a society where individuals who took part in the criminal activity once, or those with different cultures and nationalities are not left behind, and carry out activities to achieve them under the dedicated sections.

Accept International has been actively operating in Kenya, Somalia, and Indonesia. During these operations outside of Japan, we heard a lot of voices who need help inside of Japan as well. Nowadays, terrorisms and conflicts entailed by armed forces are not familiar in the daily life of Japan. However, the number of people with difficulties is passed over by society and left behind. Therefore, in addition to the public awareness campaign, utilizing the knowledge and network obtained from our operations in foreign countries, we are confronting the new challenge.

Our Activities in Japan

①Supporting social re-integration of juvenile delinquents and enlightenment to the civil society

②Supporting foreign residents in Japan

Our Partner

We are supported by partners to create maximum impacts.

共同募金 居場所を失った人への緊急活動応援助成
共同募金 三菱財団・中央共同募金会

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