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Indonesia has become one of the strategic points for global terrorism. There are many prisoners captured as the mastermind behind terrorist attacks but do not receive adequate care and return to society while still holding on to their extremist ideology. We guide them into an appropriate form of reintegration while supporting their de-radicalising.

Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) - an Islamic extremist organization - began their activities towards the beginning of the 1990s in Indonesia. They have been actively engaged in terrorist activities with Indonesia as its base. Drawn from this organization, another Islamic extremist organization known as Laskar Hisbah was born in the central part of Indonesia around Java. Towards the middle of the 2010s, following a massive exposure of undergoing terrorist plans in relation to the Islamic State, many of them were sent to prison. In regards to their close ties to the Islamic State, they have been seen as the key to counter-terrorism for security in Asia in terms of its organizational functions. In addition, Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) nowadays raises their head and conducts attacks sporadically.

Many of Laskar Hisbah’s captured-members have recently been gradually released from prison but the lack of attention and support towards their radical ideologies have many times resulted in a worsened case. The needs toward soft power has been pointed out by the local force not to mention the fact that many of them have gone back into a similar community of radical extremism where financial and social reintegration haven’t made progress.

Based on the local needs, we have been implementing de-radicalization and reintegration programs to ex-terrorists of Laskar Hisbah who have been released in Surakarta, Central Java. Many of its participants have been involved in suicide bombings and we accept former members of Jemaah Islamiyah, Al Qaeda Indonesia, Jamaah Ansharut Daulah in addition to those from Laskar Hisbah.

Our Action in Indonesia

De-Radicalization and Positive Reintegration

Our Activities in Indonesia De-Radicalization and Active/Positive Reintegration Working together with Lembaga Kajian Lintas Kultural (LKLK), a local NGO that specialises in financial support to formerly imprisoned ex-terrorists we provide de-radicalization and active reintegration projects with a focus on psychological and social aspects. During the de-radicalization sessions, we accept their belief in the duty of Jihad but we open up the quest to de-radicalization by asking such questions as: are terrorist attacks really the best practical way?

In order to promote reconciliation with the society, we invite representatives of the local communities to every session. This enables to deepen the mutual understanding amongst both parties, deepen the possibility for reconciliation as well as nurturing a positive attitude towards social reintegration.

At the same time, we work to develop their capabilities to solve the issues on their own when faced with a problem as well as creating the social scheme to support it. Furthermore, we conduct follow-up sessions for their social reintegration; we visit ex-terrorists' communities and homes where we consult their issues and provide support where necessary. In the long-term we make sure to offer continued monitoring and counseling.

At the beginning, I didn’t believe non-Islam Japanese could actually do anything. But actually, looking back at my past in without prejudice and workshops for real-life situations have been very meaningful.

- Former Member of the Islamic extremist organization Laskar Hisbah / Arifin

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