About Us

It was in the summer 2011, when I was a freshman, that I learned about Somalia. This country was sometimes referred to as “the world’s forgotten catastrophe” and even NGOs specialising in emergency aid were pulling out of this country. Nevertheless, I persisted. I couldn’t bring myself to ignore what was going on in Somalia.

Ever since we established the “Japan Somalia Youth Organisation” we have been working as hard as we can with the one belief that there are things only “we as students” can do. During this time, we encountered countless numbers of obstacles. Despite all this, we have taken every step to keep moving forward with our like-minded fellows.

I continue to ask myself the following, “What can I do? What should I do? ” When I look around, the trend shows that terrorism is only on the increase and even outside Somalia, there is a growing number of violent conflicts in the world one would sometimes rather not acknowledge. In light of the current state of the world, my answer to the questions haven’t changed since I started in 2011. We are never powerless nor insignificant.

I will devote my life to combatting terrorism and resolving conflicts.

With my deepest appreciation for your support and understanding,

Founder and representative director
Accept International
Yosuke NAGAI

Your power is needed for stopping terrorism
and terminating a conflict.