About Us

It was in the summer of 2011, when I, a first-year university student back then, found out about the situation in Somalia. Often acknowledged as “the world’s forgotten catastrophe”, I saw shocking news of prestigious NGOs specializing in emergency aid having no other choice but to withdraw. Nevertheless, I couldn’t bring myself to ignore what was going on in Somalia.

Ever since I established the university student-led “Japan Somalia Youth Organisation”, we have been giving our everything, believing that there is something 'We' can only do. Our organization has encountered countless numbers of obstacles. At times, we bit our lips with helplessness. However, with my fellow members, slowly but steadily, we have been able to overcome such hardships. ‘By deciding what issue to tackle first, we can find something we can do’. With an eye only to solve issues, this is what I have realized.

Thinking back, I ask myself, “What is it that I can do? What do I have to do?”. When I look around, I see cases of terrorism only increasing, and I find numerous conflicts other than Somalia being in a quagmire. Despite such a situation, my belief has not changed since 2011. Time has enabled me to bring greater impact. We do not see ourselves as helpless individuals, much less with little power.

I am determined to devote my life to challenging the unending issue of terrorism and conflict resolution.

I give you my deepest appreciation for your support and understanding,

CEO and Founder of Accept International
Yosuke Nagai

Your power is needed for stopping terrorism
and terminating a conflict.