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Media Exposure
2012 21st October Radio: J-wave FIAT.SHARE WITH…
20th November Radio: Tsunagari
2014 20th January Interview: Waseda Weekly
25th April Interview: Tsunagarian
8th August Interview: Gakusei Kichi
30th November Television: Hodo Station Sunday (TV Asahi)
2015 26th February Interview: What hyper students are thinking
11th March Interview: Frontier Forum (Japan Gap Year Promotion Association)
12th April Television: Support each other for tomorrow: flowers will bloom (NHK)
20th July Interview: Mainichi Newspaper
18th September Interview: Yomiuri Newspaper
2016 30th January Interview: Official Website of Rumi Utsugi
22nd April Interview: Hirogaru Sekai (SEKA TOBI)
12th May Television: News no Shiten (TBS)
10th June Television: NHK International Broadcast 2016
13th June Interview: Tojou Engine
19th June Book Review: “Bokuraha Somalia Gang to yume wo kataru: Terrorist dehanai mirai wo tsukuru” (Yomiuri Newspaper)
13th July Interview: Orutana S
13th/20th July Interview: Waseda Weekly
21st July Television: NHK My Morning Radio “World Report”
21st July Interview: Hito (Asahi Newspaper)
30th July Interview: Another Life
19th August Book Review: “Bokuraha Somalia Gang to yume wo kataru: Terrorist dehanai mirai wo tsukuru” (Mainichi Newspaper)
12th September Interview: Currier Japon
29th September Interview: Alterna
30th November Television: TBS NEW23
30th November Interview: International Development Journal December
19th December Interview: Nikkei Business
2017 18th May Internet: AbemaPrime
19th May Interview: AbemaTIMES
11th June Interview: Wedge infinity
14th June Interview: NIKKAN SUGOI HITO
8th August Interview: Mainichi Newspaper
25th September Interview: Rikunavi NEXT Journal
26th September Interview: High School Newspaper ONLine
10th October Interview: Recruit, Recruit Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. Works
15th October Interview: Link Love Newsletter
25th October Interview: International Cooperation Career Guide 2017−2018
25th October Interview: BEST T!MES
25th October Radio: Otake Makoto - Golden Radio (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Program)
15th November Television: INTERNATIONAL NEWS REPORT 2017 (NHK)
19th November Interview: Newspaper Akahata
28th November Television: NHK world
2018 4th February Interview: Newspaper Akahata
1st May Requested Disquisition “What Can We Do to Stop Terrorism and Terminate” : Educational Newspaper Kuresuko
26th June Article Posted: Kochi Newspaper
Television: Evening Kochi
11th July Television: Abema Prime
13th July Radio in Swahili : NHK World Japan Radio
18th July Radio in 17 Languages: NHK World Japan “Meet the People”
9th August Start serialization of CEO Nagai’s Articles: Asahi Newspaper Digital “&M”
25th August Election and Article Posted: Forbes 30 UNDER 30 awarded for 30 Japanese under 30 years old, who are expected to conduct most influential works to change society
1st September Interview: Monthly Magazine “Bless”
21st November Radio: NHK World
29st November Interview: Gifu Newspaper
4th December Put on the Screen: “Real Gangsters: the Unknown World of Eastleigh” at Tokyo Documentary Festival
2019 2nd January Radio: JFN Radio “On the Planet”
5th March Radio: TBS “Chiki Oguiue Session-22”
28th April Interview: Jomo Newspaper
5th May Book Review Posted: Kyodo News
13th May Interview: AERA "Portrait of our time"
1st June Television: Kochi Sunsun
5th June Interview: Takayama Shiminjiho
6th June Interview: Asahi Newspaper
11th August Interview: Asahi Student Newspaper "2030 Think from SDGs"
7th October Interview: Forbes 30 Under 30 "Under 30 Style"
2020 7th January Interview: Asahi Newspaper column "Kōron"
27th March Interview: Kyodo News Service
17th April Interview: AERA “50 suggestions towards COVID19”
1st May Interview: International Development Journal No.761
22th June Radio: Nippon Broadcasting System (three weeks in a row)
3rd October Forum: 12th Social Entrepreneur Commons Forum
16th November Posted the Article: International Career Guide 2020-2021
2nd December Television: TV Asahi "25years old; Origin of Passion"

Your power is needed for stopping terrorism
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