About Us
2021 October Obtained "Special Consultative Status" from United Nations Economic and Social Council
September Made an announcement of the “Declaration of the Rights of the Youth Affected by Terrorism and Armed Conflict”
April Commenced activities towards defectors of armed groups in Yemen
2020 December Awarded the “Peace Award” in the Youth Action Category of "The King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award to Achieve the SDGs" by the Kingdom of Bahrain and United Nations Development Programme
November Awarded the "55th The Nippon Foundation Philanthropy Prize" by Public Interest Incorporated Foundation of Philanthropy

The organization’s "RPA Model" has been selected as one of the most innovative programs in the Paris Peace Forum, for the first time as an organization from Japan
April Commenced the emergency support to tackle COVID-19 in Somalia and Kenya, under the cooperation with UN-Habitat
2019 December The number of the deradicalization and reintegration project participants exceeds 100 people
April Inaugurated the DRR Project, under the cooperation with the Somali Government
2018 August Inaugurated the Deradicalization project towards former violent extremists in Indonesia.
April Commenced the acceptance of members of “Superpower”, a Somali gang organization
2017 September Completed the acceptance of all members and disbandment of “Calif Massive”, a Somali gang organization
July Commenced partner operations with UN-Habitat at Mandera, Kenya
April Incorporated the “Japan Somalia Youth Organization” to “NGO Accept International”
March The number of the deradicalization and reintegration project participants exceeds 70 people
2016 December Yosuke Nagai (CEO) is nominated as one of “The 100 Most Influential People of Japan” in the Nikkei Business Publications
November Inaugurated the deradicalization and reintegration project towards defectors of Al-Shabaab
2015 March Expanded recruitment from Tokyo to nationwide

Yosuke Nagai (CEO) is awarded the Special Prize as part of the "Waseda University Ono Azusa Memorial Prize" and the “Waseda University Alumni Association Prize.”
2014 July Awarded the “Humanity Prize,” and the “Incentive Award of the Minister of Foreign Affairs” as part of the “28th Annual Ten Outstanding Young Persons” and the Grand Prize of “University Student of the Year 2014.”
2013 September Inaugurated the “Movement with Gangsters”, a deradicalization and reintegration project targeted towards Somali gang groups.
2012 October Launched the “Cheer Up Somali Sports Project”, a peacebuilding project through donations of sports equipment at a Somali refugee camp district in Kenya.
2011 December Officially commenced activities with Somali members, and through the merger with local student groups in Kenya.
Nobember Launched the “Long-term Study Abroad Project” to Japan for Somali students
Semtember Established the “Japan Somalia Youth Organization”, a Student-led NGO based at Waseda University with co-founders Yosuke Nagai and two students from Somalia. The organization was founded on the basis to “resolve conflicts in Somalia.”

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